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Excursions & Trekking in Sardinia

An invitation to discover the wonders of our region, to immerse yourself in the colors of the sea, the coast but also the hills, mountains, forests, rivers ..... We walk in search of landscapes, of stories, of people, of angles of land still in harmony with the culture of man.

Bosa Urban Trekking

Urban Trekking along the narrow medieval streets of Bosa
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an enchanting excursion along the flight of the Griffon Vultures
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Bosa Coast Trekking

Hike a few kilometers from Bosa, in a wild and isolated.
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The Woods of Badde 'e Salighes

The trail is pretty easy, especially suitable for students and lovers of nature.
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Excursion in the Sant'Antonio Mountain

An easy path through the Woods, between chasms of volcanic origin, nuraghi and old sheep-folds of shepherds
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Guided Tour between Domus de janas, nuraghi, betili and Giant's graves, among the most beautiful of Sardinia
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Food and wine trail

Un percorso enogastronomico con produzioni tipiche e tradizionali di alta qualità.
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Excursions in the mountainous Supramonte and Gennargentu

Trekking e percorsi naturalistici nel cuore della Sardegna di diversi gradi di difficoltà.
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Romanesque Churches Tours

Amazing tour between the most beautiful romanesque churches of central Sardinia
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Touristic itineraries of Sardinia

Escursioni guidate nei luoghi più rinomati della Sardegna, come L'Asinara, La Maddalena, Orgosolo....
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