grifone1.jpgThe griffon vulture is the only one, among those originally present in Sardinia, to have survived. Currently all the Sardinian population is mainly concentrated in the territory of Bosa with more than ninety specimens, among them 22/24 are nesting pairs.

Our walk will take us through the trachityc ridges of the hinterland, to admire the gliding flight of these beautiful vultures whose wing span is of almost 3 meters. Once reached a natural balcony at the top of the plateau, our activity of bird watching will begin. It will be possible to observe the griffins while exploiting the upward thermal currents that allow him to control vast open spaces, always looking for food. The tour also offersvisitors the chance to enjoy a magnificent landscape on the west coast of Cape Caccia (Alghero) up to the Sinai Peninsula and the island Maldiventre.

The excursion is easy, therefore suitable for everyone: we will, in fact, travel by jeep to the observation point. Moreover we will place binoculars at our customers' disposal to facilitate observation of birds of prey.


Bird watching in Bosa: Along the flight of Griffon Volture

  • Easy hike, suitable for all
  • Duration: 1/2 day
  • Recommended period: Spring - Summer - Autumn
  • Departures: Daily;
  • Reservation is required




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