Touristic itineraries of Sardinia

Excursion to Asinara Island

The excursion to the  Asinara, the island of the nice white donkeys, allows you to discover a small paradise on earth, which since 1997 is a National Park, whose main characteristics are due to the over one hundred years of isolation. Along the only road on the island you can visit the "historic places" of Asinara, like the bay of Fornelli, the health resort of Cala Reale, the places used for the "periods of quarantine” and the small village of Cala d'Oliva . Noteworthy are also the environmental and scenic beauty that will be encountered along the route, such as Cala Sant'Andrea and the islets of Cala di Sgombro.

Located on the promontory of Capo Falcone, Stintino is one of the most important tourist sites of Sardinia, especially for the transparency and color of the turquoise sea. Thanks to this tour we will have a wonderful time in one of the most beautiful beaches of Stintino. Continuing to Alghero, you will be fascinated by the imposing of its ramparts, built in the Middle Ages to protect the city, the picturesque old town and the beauty of its artistic and architectural treasures. Alghero, in fact, boasts a glorious past as the only Catalan city in Sardinia, a characteristic it still holds in his dialect, its traditions and its cuisine.

The Green Train of Ogliastra 

Our excursion on board of the Green Train of Ogliastra, will depart from Mandas' station and will continue in the direction of Sadali. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most evocative tours that will lead us through the woods of the highest mountains of the island: those of the Gennargentu Massif.

The train will travel along a part of the tourist railway line which, with its 159 km of length, is the longest in Italy and, rightly, defined as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

After reaching the station of Sadali, the tour will continue with a guided tour of the karts caves of “Is Janas” (The Fairies). The caves, which have a length of about 300 meters, are rich in concretions of stalactites and stalagmites of unique and original form, with a cave fauna unique in its kind.

Excursions in Barbagia: Orgosolo, Nuoro e Mamoiada

The excursion will take us into the heart of the province of Nuoro, to discover the most characteristic aspects of a land where time seems to stand still. We will then visit Nuoro, capital of the province since 1926, with its beautiful museums and Orgosolo, which has, on the background, the spectacular scenery of the Supramonte. Orgosolo certainly is among the most famous villages in the region, it has become a major tourist destination because of the presence of its unique murals, tangible evidence of the Sardinian history and not. We will visit also the small town of Mamoiada, famous for its colorful carnival masks: the Mamuthones and Issohadores.

Boating or raft

You can not come to Sardinia and not indulge the whim of a trip along the coast in one of the many wonderful locations of the island. We work since many years with various charter companies scattered throughout the island and we will select for you the best excursions for your vacation.

La Maddalena's Archipelago

We will reach the small town of Palau and we will embark on one of the ferries which are authorized for the trip between the islands. We will run alongside the mother island, La Maddalena, then we will point the route to the stretch of sea known as "natural pools" for its crystal clear waters and the beautiful backdrops. Here we will make a short stop for a bathe. Our navigation will then continue to the island of Budelli to see the famous Pink Beach ". We will reach then the island of Santa Maria, where we can stop in the beach or take a leisurely stroll towards the lighthouse. We'll have lunch on board of the boat. In the afternoon we will stop at the island of Spargi where we can bathe in the picturesque Cala Corsara.

Gulf of Orosei

We will reach the resort town of Cala Gonone in Dorgali. From here we will raft and spend a beautiful day in the Gulf of Orosei. Our guide, being an expert in navigation, will be able to illustrate you the creeks, caves and the various secrets of the east coast. While browsing we will run alongside the various coves of the Gulf with a stop in the beautiful beaches of “Cala Biriola”, “Cala dei Gabbiani” or “Mariolu”, “Cala Luna”.

During the excursion you can decide whether to visit the Bue Marino or the Fig Tree Cave. (Entrance Ticket is not included).

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