The Woods of Badde 'e Salighes

escursione_a_villa_piercy.jpgMularza Noa, together with the areas of Mandra Puddata and Ortakis, constitutes a, so called, Area of Natural Interest. The excursion starts just below the nuraghe “Ortakis” and descends under the dense forest of centuries-old oaks and hollies. What is most surprising in this section of the trail are the varieties of green, which appear to be many. The moisture in this part of Sardinia is very high, and this generates a situation in which the most common among mosses and lichens, are associated with the most important endemic species of this biotope as the Ribes Sandalioticum or the Osmunda Regalis, that is the larger among those in Europe. In the plateau overlooking the gorge of Mularza Noa, the main protagonist is undoubtedly the Yew (Taxus baccata), a species become rare in Sardinia. The trail will lead us right under the waterfall (S'Istrampu de Mularza Noa) where the sound of the water becomes much more impetuous especially in the period of rains. The path is rather easy, suitable especially for schoolchildren and nature lovers.

Excursion to Badde Salighes and Villa Piercy

  • Easy hike and suitable for all
  • Duration: 1/2 day
  • Recommended period:  February / June and September / November
  • Reservation is required

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Laboratori archeologici e naturalistici, tour guidati tra i siti archeologici e i centri storici di Bosa e Macomer, campi scuola naturalistici nel bosco di Badde 'e Salighes e Sant'Antonio. Guardate le nostre offerte alla voce Viaggi & Laboratori Scuola e richiedeteci subito un preventivo!

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