Excursions in the mountainous Supramonte and Gennargentu

Excursion in Supramonte of Orgosolo

The “Supramonte of Orgosolo” is among the best preserved areas of Europe. The tour leads to know the Mount “San Giovanni” (1316 meters high), which stands isolated in the middle of the ancient forest of Montes. From here you can admire a breathtaking landscape, which ranges throughout the Gennargentu up to the most distant chains of the territories of “Marghine-Goceano”. A must is a visit to the murals of the village of Orgosolo, witnesses of the recent past of Sardinian people. The excursion includes a typical lunch offered by the friends of Orgosolo.

  • Easy hike, suitable for everyone.
  • Duration: all day
  • Best season: Spring and Autumn. Upon request even during the summer months.

Excursion to Tiscali

In the middle of the valley of “Lanaittu”, where the territory of Oliena ends and that of Dorgali begins, stands the mountain of Tiscali, a small limestone relief, dominated by the massif of Corrasi, characterized at the top by a karst depression. Inside a sinkhole, among a vegetation of extraordinary importance, we will find the remains of a village, probably built in the late nuragic period. We will cross the valley with off-road vehicle up to the base of the mountain. Here we will walk along a scenic path that leads up to the sinkhole. We will have a packed meal based on local products and then we will go down the same path. On the way back we can visit the cave of “Sa Oche” and the source of “Su Gologone”.

  • Moderately difficult hike.
  • Duration: all day
  • Best season: spring and autumn. Upon request even during the summer months.

Excursion to Gorropu gorge

Gorropu is an enormous gorge which walls exceed 400 meters in height, the natural border between the Supramonte of Orgosolo and Urzulei, is defined as the highest canyon in Europe. The hike starts after 6 km of dirt road that we'll cover by Land Rover, we will descend then along a path (30 minutes) through a dense grove of oaks and strawberry trees before reaching the beginning of the gorge. From here we will walk along the abandoned river-bed called “Flumineddu” that, over millennia, has carved the canyon. The hike increases the difficulty in the final stretch of the gorge. After visiting the throat we will go back to the off-road vehicle. After a climb of about 45 minutes we will consume a snack based on typical products.

  • Hike of medium / high difficulty.
  • Duration: all day
  • Best season: spring and autumn. Upon request even during the summer months.

Excursion to Punta Lamarmora

Punta La Marmora is situated in the territory of Arzana, at 1834 m. It is the highest peak of Sardinia. Once at the top you can enjoy, if the day permits, a spectacular view: you will stand on the roof of the island and have everything under your feet. The view extends from the neighboring valleys of Girgini to the majestic heel of Perda Liana, from the “Supramonte” to the “Marghine” and “Goceano” chains. In the distance you can also see the “Sette Fratelli” (seven brothers' mountains) in the extreme south and the mountains of Limbara in the North of the island. The rise can occur from several fronts: Fonni, Desulo Arzana and Villagrande.

The one we have chosen starts from S'Arena's refuge in the territory of Desulo. We will then continue by jeep along the cart road to reach the beginning of the path. This is originally uphill (30 minutes) and then continues along the side of the mountain in easy ups and downs until “S'arcu 'e Gennargentu” (about 60 minutes). From here it will begin the toughest part of the climb towards “Perdas Crapias”, the ancient name of “Punta La Marmora”, (from 40 to about 60 minutes). The effort will be totally repaid once at the top of ... Sardinia !!!

  • Hike of medium / high difficulty.
  • Duration: all day
  • Best season: spring and autumn.


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