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Trekking from Managu to Cala Fenuggiu - Bosa


Trekking to Bosa: from “Managu” to “Cala Fenuggiu”

That between Managu and Cala Fenuggiu can be defined as a unique excursion of its kind. A few kilometers from Bosa, in a wild and isolated place, where nature is still preserved intact, we will be plunged in a variety of landscapes. The coast, geologically formed by gray tuffs and by the best known red trachyte, makes this rugged and inaccessible landscape the ideal place for the nesting of the griffon vulture, the beautiful raptor which exclusively reigns in these places.

We will reach the beach of “Managu” through an easy and panoramic track.

Walking through the dense Mediterranean vegetation consisting mainly of broom, euphorbia, and olive trees, we'll reach the spur overlooking the magnificent “Cala Fenuggiu”.

After the excursion, on the way back, you'll can bathe in the beautiful beach of “Managu”.

Trekking along the coast

Easy hike, suitable for all

Duration: 1/2 day

Recommended period: from March / July and September / November

Reservation is required


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